11/23/20 => More New Music!

I am excited and proud to be a part of this various artists release by the Madrid based record label On Sight Series! This is volume 2 and the 12" vinyl contains a brand new song by me called "Keep Me" along with music by Barcelona's Onoffon and Oslo's Thorgerdur & A:G.

Have a listen and buy the record here.

08/07/20 => Brand Spanking New Music!

I have new music! A three song single (or EP? I am not sure what to call it... let's go with single). It's called Punks!

Have a listen and buy the brand new post-house I.F.F. single from my Bandcamp:

04/27/20 => IFF Presents: The Zero To One Sessions!

May 1st finds a rerelease of an I.F.F. album (that was actually released under the name Mossyrock) called The Zero To One Sessions. Origianlly released back in 2005 via Nice+Smooth records, this album was a favourite of mine. During the summer of 2004 I went into the studio armed with a dozen demos and spent 10 wonderfully gruelling days assembling, dismantling, recreating, dissecting and re-recording what became The Zero To One Sessions.
Somewhere between the end of making of the record (summer) and the mixing/mastering of it (autumn) it was decided (unwisely in hindsight) to drop the I.F.F. moniker and adopt the name Mossyrock. I dunno, somehow it made sense at the time...
Anyway, I've recently dug through all the remixes and demos and decided that 15 years seems like a good time to release an expanded version of the album while also reclaiming it as it was initially intended to be: an I.F.F. album.

The expanded edition features the original album:

+ Remixes of songs from the album:

And the Juniper Flats Demos which is where this chapter of I.F.F began:

IFF Presents Mossyrock: The Zero To One Sessions is available May 1st 2020 via the IFF Bandcamp page!

12/03/19 => Thee IFF Mikstape!

Craving some new IFF musik? Craving a lovely little mix filled with some nasty grooves? Tune in to WKDU tonight! That's right! Thee IFF Mikstape contains some brand new yet to be released IFF songs mixed together with some Curtis Mayfield; 80's analogue electrofunk; and whatever other gems I found laying about. 10pm EST from the birthplace of thee IFF and the city of brotherly love!
Hot Mix on WKDU

08/08/19 => New Remix!

I did a remix for a song called We Cut Up by Knlb! The original song is a gem. It was wonderful to be able to bring some IFFness to the song while bringing out some of the darker elements hidden in the original. There's also a pretty good Baltra remix. Have a listen and buy the single here:
KNLB - We Cut Up via Beatport!

06/28/19 => Save The Robots!

My new EP called Save The Robots is out NOW! I can't believe this song is finally seeing a vinyl release. It was one of those songs that people used to yell for while I would play live! The lovely fella over at ReLeisure paired "Save The Robots" up nicely with a song that shares a similar spirit (or was it spirits?) called "Over There". On the flipside is "Begin Dreamtime" which combines moody dark tones and ethereal flutes with sassy beats and a drity dirty bassline. To round out the EP is a song that I never imagined would be available on vinyl called "A Rainy Day On Mt Vernon St'! It's a much slower song which finishes off the EP perfectly (if I dare say so myself)! Look at this beauty here:

You can find my new EP in all fine record shops or order them here:
Halcyon [North America]
Lobster [UK]
Clone [EU]

If you are interested in checking out how I sound live (or just bored AF at work and in need of a little fun) WKDU posted my live set to their Soundcloud page.
Have a wee listen here:

And last but not least! I did an interview with Bolting Bits which was great fun. I met up with Vinyl Love guy Max Daigle around 4pm at a dive bar in Montreal (Grumpy's) and I talk about everything from the Philly house scene in the 90's to my love of Stereolab to trying to find floppy discs for my old samplers.
Read the Bolting Bits interview here!

05/29/19 => What a fantastic month May has been!

I played my first live show in 12 years at Halcyon in Brooklyn. It was the perfect way to step back into the IFF live world. The sun was shining, the sound system was fantastic, people coming and going, music wafting thru the air across the intersection of N 12th & Wythe. It was fucking ACE!

And then this morning I checked the mail and found the test pressing for the 'Save The Robots' EP! I took a listen and GODDAMN it sounds incredible! It should be out sometime in June. The tracklisting is:
A1. Save The Robots
A2. Over There
B1. Begin Dreamtime
B2. A Rainy Day On Mt Vernon Street

Speaking of Save The Robots! I am more than honoured that MixMag is premiering Save The Robots over on their SoundCloud page!

They had such kind words: "Intergalactic Faerie Funk, also known as IFF, lands on NYC's freshly minted releisure imprint with his 'Save The Robots' EP that features a funky deep house title track with warm chords and a bubbling bass line. It's a gripping introduction to the release that's packed with moody melodies, intricate rhythms as IFF builds on the diverse sound profile he has established throughout his career. "

Also! Tonight (Wednesday May 29th) you can hear me play a live set on WKDU Philadelphia at 10pm!

05/15/19 => Hello there!!

It has been a hell of a busy month in Faerie Funk Land. I have my first show in 12 years coming up on Sunday May 19th! It's at Halcyon in Brooklyn. I will be playing a live set alongside DJ's Pvnx & Lorenzo Slider. It's been pretty crazy and totally fun relearning how to play live. I bought myself a new piece of gear to replace the old beat up Roland MC-303 Grooveboxes (an Arturia Beatstep Pro). Over the years some of the songs that have been recently rereleased were discarded in favour of new songs that I was writing and performing live. They fell by the wayside. Forgotten and ignored. When asked to perform again it was requested that I play songs from the Levitate EP (understandably). So I set about looking for those songs and all the parts that made them up. I dusted off the old EMU samplers and loaded up decades old floppy discs. I connected way too many MIDI cables and spent days remembering how to sequence songs again. Some songs were easy. I found all the parts. Other songs had only fragments laying around. One songs had nothing left but just a few raw samples. So I have had to recreate parts of songs (and one WHOLE song) again from scratch. A bassline here, textured pads there. Drums, vocal snippets, tones. It's been a lot of work but a goddamn fun walk down memory lane. I did my best to keep them sounding like the original. Fixing only the occasional drums while thickening up some pad sounds where I could. I now have a big folder of all the sounds separated and ready to be looped, tweaked, improvised, and performed. Fuck. Yes.

Also! Releisure has made available three digital bonus songs from the Levitate EP! They are:
1. In The End
2. Lantern Light
3. Loyal
Check them out here on Soundcloud. They can also be streamed at all fine (and not so fine) streaming sites.

03/30/19 => Holy sweet hell!

My new record is out. Well, it's not quite new but at the same time it completely is.
It's a 5 song EP called Levitate that features songs from both the Ottawa single and the Green Couch EP.
You will be delighted by the incredible new mastering by OG masterer (is that a word?) Tim Xavier, thoughtfully put-together track order and lovely, evocative artwork.
Thank you to Ivan and the dream team at Releisure for rousing this silver fox from retirement!
Live dates to come, just dusting off the old gear... anyone have any hot tips on deals for a 20 pack of floppy discs?

02/17/19 => Hello there!

Put on a pair of your old polyester trousers, dust off that glue on moustache, and pour yourself a tall glass of the stiff stuff because the new IFF record is almost here. Hot damn!

North American preorders are here: Halcyon The Shop

UK/Europe preorders are here: Lobster Records

10/16/18 => It is happening again...



Keep an eye on this page for more news and information. You can pre-order the record - the first IFF release in almost 15 years - over at ReLeisure.NYC !

We are all incredibly excited (not to mention a little bewildered) over here in FaerieFunkLandia!